The transition from having teeth to wearing dentures can be traumatic. Losing teeth is like losing a limb or other major body part: you experience a significant sense of loss.

That’s why it is so important to have someone who will work with you start to finish, prepare you for what to expect, and make sure you have the right type of denture that fits You! At Berlanga Dentures we can make dentures that will give you the full confidence you had when your natural teeth were whole and healthy.

There are several fears people have about getting dentures. People fear they will be judged, that they will lose friends, or make them feel uncomfortable with their partner. They fear that food will be hard to eat and no longer taste good, that they won’t be able to talk without drooling or spitting, and that dentures will cause them pain.

All of these fears may be eliminated as long as you have someone who cares about you, your situation and is willing to take the time to make sure your dentures fit properly and look and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible.

Dentures are nothing to be afraid of–when they’re done right.

Getting dentures is a big step. Which is why we recommend a full consultation with one of our denturists who will outline all your options and take you through the entire process. 

Call to schedule your consultation today.

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