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Berlanga Dentures in Tacoma and Puyallup, Washington, believes that everyone deserves to flash a brilliant smile, no matter your age, and are committed to providing some of the best dentures available. Full dentures often replace an entire row of teeth along the upper or lower jawline—or sometimes, both. Each and every denture is 100% handmade and created on-site. Berlanga Dentures prefers to create their dentures by hand to fully control the quality of the dentures and to incorporate unique characteristics to each set of dentures. To learn more about your tooth-replacement options, call Berlanga Dentures or book an appointment online today.

Full Dentures Q & A

What are full dentures?

Full dentures, also known as complete dentures, are removable prosthetic teeth. Full dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth and are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. 

Dentures are not what they used to be thirty or more years ago, things have changed quite a bit and dentures today are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth if fitted properly and worn correctly. At Berlanga Dentures, the team uses the finest materials available. Dentures fashioned in the laboratory are 100% handcrafted, ensuring that each denture they make is customized and unique, and fit the patient perfectly.

What are the benefits of full dentures?

You might think that dentures are only for older people, but that isn’t true. Tooth loss and dental problems are a fact of life for people of all ages, and dentures may become something you have to deal with sooner than expected. There can be many benefits to having dentures, such as:

Easier chewing

Missing teeth change your bite and make it difficult to chew properly. Custom-fit dentures make simple activities like chewing and eating enjoyable again.


It’s hard to smile with confidence when you worry about your missing teeth. A customized set of full dentures can help restore your self-esteem.

Better speech

With missing teeth, it can be difficult to pronounce words correctly or speak without mumbling or slurring. By replacing your missing teeth, dentures can help to restore your natural speech.

How are full dentures created?

Whether you are new to dentures or having your dentures replaced, the first step is to visit your denturist. At Berlanga Dentures we can help you determine all your options.

If this is your first set of dentures your teeth will need to be extracted first, which will be done by a dentist or an oral surgeon. Most people will choose to have Immediate Dentures, which means your dentures will be fitted the same day they are extracted. However, you may need to wait until your mouth has healed, in which case we will take your impressions later to create your dentures.

We can always replace your dentures even if they were not originally made by us. 

All of our dentures are fabricated in our on-site denture labs and made to look and feel like your natural teeth.

While full dentures will need to be adjusted occasionally or relined, if cared for properly, they can last 7-10 years. To learn more about the unique denture process at Berlanga Dentures, call or book an appointment online today.



Dentures may replace all or only some of the teeth. The dentures that replace all the teeth are known as complete dentures and they rest on the gums that cover the jawbones. The stability and retention of these dentures can be improved by attaching them to dental implants. Dentures that replace some but not all the teeth are known as partial dentures. They attach to the teeth that are still present, and cover and rest on the tissue and bone where the teeth are missing. Dental implants can also be used to restore and stabilize partial dentures as well.

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