The Berlanga family history is not only about this wonderful family and their dedication to the denturist community here in Western Washington, it’s also about being pioneers in their industry.  Joey Berlanga Sr., Joey and John’s father, started the denture business at 17-years-old with Harold Moss, who was the mayor at the time, and called the business the Wright Park Denture Clinic.  They were considered lab technicians at the time, since denturists didn’t exist yet.  In 1992 local “lab technicians” got together to change this, and in November of 1994, the People of the State of Washington passed Initiative I-607, allowing persons other than dentists to manufacture and sell dentures to the public.  This new professional would be known as a Denturist.  Following the passing of I-607, Denturists in the state were allowed to become licensed and open a denture practice.

In 1992 Joey Berlanga married Jeri and together they opened their first clinic, Puget Sound Dentures, in 1994.  In 1996, Joey Sr. retired, and Joey opened the Parkland Denture Center.  In 2008 John Berlanga joined the family practice, he was licensed in 2010, and in 2013 they opened the Meridian Denture Center in Puyallup.  In 2017, Joey’s oldest daughter, Priscilla Berlanga, joined the practice and is working towards her license.

Today Denturists are recognized as an important part of the health profession, and thanks to pioneers like the Berlangas who helped pass the initiative, the public now has the right to choose an affordable alternative when it comes to denture care.  A Denturist in the State of Washington is a licensed professional whose field of dentistry is dedicated solely to providing removable full and partial dentures directly to the public and who constructs, inserts and adjusts removable dentures as well as other dentures or implants.  Denturists have served many years fabricating dentures and have passed a comprehensive practical exam on the fitting and making of dentures along with a thorough written examination conducted through the State of Washington Board of Denturists.
For more information on Denturists visit the Washington Denturist Association.

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