Priscilla Berlanga, who just turned 25, grew up in a family of denturists.  Her grandparents, her father, her uncle, her mother, even her cousin has played a part in the Berlanga denturist legacy, so it makes sense that one of the Berlanga children would join the practice, but Priscilla never thought it would be her.
She attended Roger’s High School in Puyallup, WA, and graduated in 2012.  During high school she played varsity softball, winning numerous awards and accolades, and went on to attend Washington State University (WSU) where she pursued a degree in Human Development.  At WSU, as a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity, she became very active working with and mentoring students who had interests in the community.  It was this work that made her realize she had a passion for working with and helping others.
She continued to play softball, traveled a bit and enjoyed time with her family, but after college, Priscilla started helping her father occasionally at Parkland Denture Center and Puget Sound Dentures.  Joey hinted that she might like to consider becoming a denturist, but Priscilla wasn’t sure.  Besides her passion for helping others, which she could see would be beneficial as a denturist, she also has an artistic side.  She calls herself “Tinker Bell” because she likes to “tinker” and fix things.  She enjoys crafts and artistic projects, and she always thought this would be part of her life career.  However, as she began working alongside her father, she realized how her artistic skills would become an intrinsic part of a becoming a denturist.  Dentures are hand-crafted and require precision and an infinite eye for detail. For dentures to look and feel natural, it requires someone who can get to know you, understand your needs, make recommendations for the right fit, style, and budget that suits you, and then fabricate the exact set of dentures specifically for you.
After a short time Priscilla knew that with her love of helping others and her artistic talents, becoming a denturist was the right path for her. Berlanga Dentures welcomes, Priscilla as she prepares for denturist school.
Meanwhile you’ll often find her with one of her pets, Busch, her black lab, or Coco and Angel, her cats. Travelling. Or spending time with her sister Taylor.

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