Here are some of the most common misconceptions about having dentures. 

They Make You Look Older
After the original teeth are removed, there will eventually be a loss of jawbone which can cause some sagging in the lower half of your face making you look older. But dentures don’t have to make you look older. In fact, they can turn back the clock. By giving better support to your facial structures, dentures can reduce or eliminate common signs of aging.

However, it is important to make sure your dentures fit properly! Which is our specialty. If your dentures do not fit properly, need an adjustment, or possibly a replacement, it could eventually contribute to jawbone loss causing your lower face to sag. That’s why at Berlanga Dentures we keep our procedures reasonable so you can afford to keep your dentures looking and feeling the way they should.

My Dentures Could Fall Out?
Falling out is one of the most common tales told about dentures. It makes for a good story: someone is talking, laughing, or coughing, and out come the dentures.

While this may have been true of your grandfather’s dentures, that is not the case today. By working with your denturist for regular check-ups, relines for a more accurate fit, using proper adhesives, and maintaining your dentures properly, your dentures should stay right where they belong. Or, for maximum security, you may want to consider implant dentures that won’t come out at all.

You Can’t Eat Most Foods
No one wants to think they will be stuck eating soft foods after getting dentures. The truth is, if your dentures fit properly and you follow your denturist’s advice on how to clean and maintain your dentures, you can feel confident eating a normal diet. However, if you feel maintaining your dentures daily might be difficult, you might want to consider implant dentures.

Your Nutrition Suffers
Malnutrition is a real concern among seniors who have lost their teeth, but it doesn’t have to be! If your dentures fit properly, you can enjoy a full range of foods to maintain proper nutrition.

They’re Uncomfortable
People talk about wanting to take their dentures out when they get home the way they would take off their work boots or tie, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Dentures can be so comfortable that people want to have them in. They may even be tempted to keep their dentures in at night. It’s all about proper fit, which is why having a denturist from start to finish when considering dentures is so important. We work with you and your surgeon to make sure your new dentures are everything you need them to be.

Everyone Can Tell You Have Them
This is something many people believe about dentures — once you have them, everyone will know that they’re there. You’ll make sucking sounds, have a denture smell, and your dentures will slip and click when you talk. This may have been true in the past, but today dentures can be made so realistic in appearance that when they fit properly no one will even know you have them. Proper fit and proper cleaning will eliminate other possible signs of dentures.

If you are considering dentures, schedule a consultation with one of our denturists today. We will go over all your options with you, and help you find the solution that’s best for You.

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