How Denturists Can Fix Your Broken Dentures, and Save You Time and Money!

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Broken dentures can affect the way you eat and speak. If you’ve broken your dentures, contact Berlanga Dentures right away. At any of our three locations we can help you with your broken denture needs.

Can broken dentures be repaired?

In most cases, broken dentures can be repaired. The type of break will dictate the amount of work required to complete the repair. When you come to Berlanga Dentures the repair is usually completed the same day.

The causes of dentures breaking can vary from “my dog chewed on it”, to “I sneezed it out of my mouth and it flew across the room.” We’ve heard it all. If the broken pieces can be placed back together, the denture can generally be fixed. The most important message here is, Don’t Try to Repair the Dentures on Your Own! Home repairs typically make the dentures impossible for us to repair, which means you will end up having to replace them completely.

Why did my dentures break in the first place?

Aside from the obvious reasons of there being physical trauma to the denture, such as dropping it on the floor, there are other reasons why a denture might break.

Dentures can chip or fracture from improper bite alignment, unstable bite forces, or from wear and tear which causes instability in the seating of the denture. The instability can be caused by the natural process of progressive bone loss or resorption. If your dentures don’t fit properly, it could cause stress causing it to flex and break.

How do denturists fix broken dentures?

Depending on how your dentures broke, the broken pieces can generally be placed back together allowing us to create a model that acts as a base for the denture to be repaired on.

Typically, the broken area of the denture will be trimmed away so that new, stronger material can be placed to fill in the gap. The same is true when replacing a chipped tooth or a lost tooth. The area around the tooth that needs to be repaired will have to be trimmed back to allow for stronger repair material to help hold the new tooth.

What if my dentures cannot be repaired?

If your dentures are severely broken, or home repairs have damaged them beyond repair, a mold of your mouth will need to be taken for a new set of dentures. Though the process takes longer, the result is often worth it. If you have concerns about the time involved or the cost, let us know. At Berlanga Dentures we’re focused on providing the best care possible to our patients and will help you find a solution that works best for you.

Can I repair broken dentures myself at home?

It is strongly advised that you DO NOT try to repair your denture at home. It requires years of practice and precision to learn how to properly repair and align dentures. When people try to repair their own denture, they often use toxic materials such as super glue, which not only destroys the surface of your dentures but if the denture break is not properly aligned, the break can be much worse. This almost always results in having to replace the dentures entirely. Denture repair kits available at stores and online are not any better and include chemicals and materials weaker than professional materials. Additionally, the fumes from these materials can be harmful.

How much does it cost to repair a broken denture?

The cost to repair a denture can vary quite a bit. Typically, between $50 to $500 depending on the complexity and the additional work required.

When it comes to replacing a broken denture, it is hard to provide a specific range as it can vary depending on your needs.

Should I be expecting my dentures to break?

Dentures generally have an expiration date of five to seven years. If you maintain your dentures regularly, have annual check ups with your denturist, and take care of your oral health, there’s a good chance you will not need repairs. In other words, there’s no reason to expect your dentures will break.

However, there can be several changes that occur over five to seven years, and things can change in your jaw or mouth, which can change the fit of your dentures. When this happens, you will generally notice your dentures don’t fit the way they used to, that’s when it’s time to come in for a reline.

What do I do if my dentures break unexpectedly and it’s an emergency?

If this happens to you, at Berlanga Dentures we’re here to help. We have three convenient locations to serve you. Call us immediately and we’ll advise you on the best solution.

Learn more about denture repairs HERE.

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