How long does the process of getting your dentures take?

We hear these questions often. The truth is, getting your dentures is something that is unique to everyone. How long the process takes depends on the type of dentures you get, the fit, and in some cases, the health of your mouth. It also depends on whether this is your first pair of dentures, if it’s a full denture (or a partial), or a replacement denture.

If this is your first set of dentures we will have you come in for a full consultation, take measurements and get impressions of your natural teeth. This way we can have your dentures ready as soon as your extractions are complete. Typically, dentures are fitted the same day as the extraction, but in some cases not until the tissues have healed. Each person’s situation is different.

Can I get my dentures done in a day? Unfortunately, no.

At Berlanga Dentures we pride ourselves on superior workmanship, if we rush your dentures the quality will suffer. Each denture we make is 100% handmade and crafted in our cutting-edge facilities. We prefer to craft dentures by hand because it allows us to fully control the quality of the dentures. Similarly, our chosen crafting method makes it easier for us to incorporate unique characteristics to each set of dentures.

Talk to us about your specific situation and we will provide you all your options, walk you through each step, and assure you have a quality experience start to finish.

We believe that everyone deserves to flash a brilliant smile, no matter how old or young they may be. Therefore, we are committed to providing some of the best dentures available at a price that is affordable to all our clients.

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