This holiday Berlanga Dentures wanted to find a way to say, “Thank You,” to all the dentists and oral surgeons who have referred patients to us throughout the year. We appreciate the business and referrals, because together we can help those who need our services and want to feel confident in their health care.
At Berlanga Dentures we know that the dentists and oral surgeons in the South Sound have other options when it comes to referrals for their patients, but we appreciate that they recognize our exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and our willingness to find the best solution for our patients.
Here at Parkland Denture CenterPuget Sound Dentures, and Meridian Denture Center, we try to go above and beyond just providing dentures to our patients. We want to be part of the entire process, so we can help you get back to your happy and confident smile.
When we work hand-in-hand with you and your dentist or oral surgeon, we are able to provide a comprehensive service that is second to none in the South Puget Sound area.
As we move into 2019, we send a special thanks to everyone who helped make
‚Äč2018 one of our best years ever!

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