How much denture adhesive do I need?
For your upper denture, we recommend placing a toothbrush-length of adhesive in the middle, so as you place the denture it will spread out evenly. For the lower denture, apply 4 pea-size drops of adhesive. Be careful not to use too much adhesive.

How do I remove my dentures without causing pain?
After applying adhesive, it's very difficult to remove dentures. If you feel any pain when trying to remove the dentures, rinse your mouth with warm water first.

How do I remove adhesive from my dentures?
Patients use a variety of methods to remove the adhesive from their denture once out of the mouth. A dry paper towel works just fine. Or you can also use a piece of gauze, a washcloth, or a wet toothbrush. We do recommend removing all excess adhesive once you’ve removed your dentures.

My dentures will not stay in no matter what kind of adhesive I use. What should I do?
This might mean it’s time for a reline, or possibly new dentures. If you are feeling any changes in how your dentures fit, it’s time to call your denturist. However, if you are wearing your dentures 24 hours a day, without giving your tissue time to heal, you may begin to feel irritation and the adhesive could fail. We recommend taking your dentures out at night while you sleep.

If you are having difficulty applying adhesive, if your dentures are not feeling the way they used to, or you find that your dentures are “falling out” or slipping, make an appointment right away! We’re here to guide you and advise you.

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