4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Repair Your Dentures Quickly

Denture Repair at Berlanga Dentures

Here are 4 reasons why it’s important to visit your nearest denture clinic for professional denture repair services:

  1. It Will Save You Money

All dentures will require some type of repair at one point, whether your denture starts to feel loose or it breaks. Postponing a visit to your denturist means that you are only making it more likely that you’ll need a complete denture replacement. This will cost you a lot more money than seeking regular denture repairs.

By dealing with cracked or loosened dentures as soon as the damage occurs, you can be sure to keep your oral health care costs down.

  1. Quick Denture Repair Relieves Pain

If your dentures are loose, ill-fitting, or otherwise damaged, not only will they affect the appearance of your smile, but they can cause:

A professional denture repair AND/OR RELINE will not only save you from the discomfort and pain caused by broken dentures, but it’ll also prevent them from falling out when you speak or eat.

  1. Your Oral Health Will Improve

Broken dentures are not only unappealing to the eye, but they are also harmful to your oral health. Damaged dentures can lead to a host of oral issues, such as:

Gingivitis is a gum disease that causes swollen and bleeding gums. Well maintained partial dentures can prevent additional tooth loss and protect your oral health and lower your risk of developing this painful and serious oral condition.

  1. You’ll Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

When you go in for a denture repair, your denturist can also determine if your replacement teeth require cleaning, polishing or relining. Resulting in a better facial appearance and an improvement in speech. If your dentures have any stains or discoloration, we can try to remove them with special cleaning and polishing, and in most case make your dentures look like new again.

Looking for Emergency Denture Repair Services?

Call Berlanga Dentures Today!

Cracked, chipped, or damaged dentures don’t have to bring your life to a halt! At Berlanga Dentures, we offer quick and efficient emergency denture repair services to ensure your replacement teeth look and function like brand new. In many instances we can offer same day repairs at Berlanga Dentures.

Remember! If you break your dentures, do NOT try to repair them yourself! Home repairs typically result in the destruction of dentures.

Read more about Denture Repairs HERE.


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